How to Make Money Fast by Reading Emails

(edit: after trying out this method for a month I cannot recommend it as a make money fast method. I’ve only cashed out twice – $2 each for a total of $4, and it takes forever to arrive at the minimum payout. You can make money fast of you have a lot of referrals. But if not, your not going to get even beer money from this.)

There are a lot of ways to make money fast. One thing that you may not expect would earn you any money could turn out to be profitable after all. At first, I didn’t know that I could make money by reading emails. But when I was introduced to this system, wow, I was very surprised!

What You’ll Need:

  • A laptop, or mobile phone, or tablet
  • An internet connection
  • A PayPal account
  • Dedication to click

Yes, you can make money by reading emails. But not just any email mind you. You can’t make money by simply reading the mails you received on your Gmail or Yahoo Mail. So what do you need to do? Let’s get down to business.

Steps on How to Make Money Fast by Reading Emails

Step 1: Go to Donkeymails and register. Yes, when you are going to make money online, you’ll most likely have to register to a certain site. And in this case, you’ll have to register to Donkeymails. This is one of the easiest make money fast method that you’ll come across online.

Step 2: Verify your email address. You should input a valid email address to get a verification code. Without a verification code, you won’t have any access to the money making programs of the site.

Step 3: Click on “Members” to access the different money making programs that are available for you. You’ll find numerous methods on how to make money online.

Step 4: Click on “Your Inbox” to check the various paid emails sent to you for viewing. Check for the word “paid” and click on the link below that area.

Step 5: You will be lead to another page where you’ll be presented with some sort of a verification. Just follow the instructions and wait for the timer to stop (usually 15 to 20 seconds) in order for you to get credited some cash. Each email sent to you that you click would make you some amount of money. So keep on checking regularly in order for you to be able to make money fast by reading emails.

How to Multiply your Earnings with DonkeyMails

DonkeyMails has a referral program that allows you to magnify your earnings and really allow you to make money fast. Just click on “Referral Links” right above “Your Inbox”. These are where your referral links are located. Copy your referral link and share it in social media – Facebook, Twitter, and in forums and blogs. You’ll earn a commission for every earnings that a member you referred will get. Pretty awesome right? I’ll proceed to teach you on how to effectively share your referral links in my succeeding posts.

Get Paid to Sign Up

Aside from providing you a way to make money fast by reading emails, Donkeymails also gives you the option to make money fast by signing up to different programs. Just click on the Paid2Signup link on your member’s area to access the different sites wherein you could signup and make some cash. I recommend that you create another email that you would exclusively use for this program.

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