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Make Money Fast by Posting Comments in Forums

One of the easiest and best method on how to make money fast is by posting comments in forums. Yes, a very simple task such as this would yield some fast cash. But wait, don’t just go to any forum and start posting outright. I know that you want to make money right away but you’ll need to slow down for a bit. We’ll get there soon enough.

What You’ll Need:

  • A laptop, or mobile phone, or tablet
  • An internet connection
  • A PayPal account
  • Decent English grammar

You won’t need any cash outlay for this make money fast method. If you know how to speak English, and can construct a few sentences, then you’re good to go. A few hours of your time per day would already earn you a few bucks.

You don’t have to worry if you’re not a writer. You don’t need to be really great with words in order to make money fast with this method. If you know how to post status updates on Facebook or Twitter, you’re good to go. Here’s what you’ll need to do:

First step: What you have to do now is go to Postloop and register. This is the site that would allow you to make money by simply posting comments on forums and blogs. If you get accepted, you’ll become a paid firm poster. Of course, you’ll have to input a username, a secure password, and some other usual info that you input when registering to a site.

Second step: Undergo the screening process. Postloop has a screening process which you’ll have to undergo in order for you to be able to earn cash. Click here to get access to an in-depth tutorial on how to get past the screening process of Postloop and get accepted 100% as a paid forum poster.

Third step: After getting accepted in Postloop, you’ll be able to join forums and blogs wherein you could post different threads and comments and get paid. Subscribe to as much forums as you can in order to maximize your earning potential. Make sure to join forums where you’re familiar with the topics. For instance, if you’re a techy person, join forums and blogs listed on Postloop under technology and video games. This would allow you to provide higher quality comments and threads and to be able to post a lot faster due to your familiarity with the topics.

Fourth step: Regularly post on the forums and threads that interest you. Each post would earn you cash which you can withdraw via PayPal. The more posts you make, the more cash you’ll receive.

If you need to make money fast right away, this is one of the most tried and tested way on how to make money fast. Just make sure that you get accepted into the program by following the guide presented on After you get accepted, making money will be a breeze.

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