How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

One of the best ways of making money online is via YouTube. It’s the number 1 site for uploading videos and watching videos. People like Pewdiepie and Logan Paul and other famous YouTubers are making millions of dollars per year just by uploading their videos to YouTube. Of course, it’s not as simple as it sounds. But if you are able to get a good following, you’ll be able to earn a decent amount of money from the site.

What You’ll Need:

  • A decent camcorder (could also be your smartphone)
  • A PC or Laptop
  • A video editing software like Windows Movie Maker
  • A fast internet connection

How to Make Money with YouTube Videos

Step 1: You’ll have to create a YouTube channel if you don’t have one yet. This is probably the easiest step in making money with YouTube videos. This step takes less than 5 minutes.

Step 2: In order to monetize your videos, you’ll have to enable monetization in your channel settings. You’ll also need to link your Adsense account to your YouTube channel in order to receive money.

Step 3: Think of the things that you would like to upload to your YouTube channel. It would be better if your videos would revolve around a certain niche or theme like sports niche or video games. There are certain niches that are easier to go viral as compared to others. So choose wisely. Niche selection will be discussed in another post.

Step 4: Go and create your video! You could either film the video yourself or use copyright free videos and edit them and make them your own. There are a lot of different types of videos which could be made on YouTube which we will discuss in another post.

Step 5: A fast internet connection is preferred especially if you’re going to make and upload long videos. If you’re having a hard time with internet connection speed, you might want to limit the length of your videos to 5 minutes or less. However, the ideal time for YouTube videos is 10 minutes. So as much as possible, try to make videos that are of this length.

Step 6: After publishing a video, you’ll have to share it to different sites and social media networks like Reddit, Facebook, and Twitter. If your video is of high quality, it could get shared by many and could get viral. It’s all about the views. The more views you get, the more money your video will make.

Step 7: Constantly create and upload videos. It would be nice if you could upload high quality videos on a daily basis. But if not, it would be good if you could upload at least weekly. You need to have fresh content on your channel to stay relevant.

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