Make Money Fast with Networking?

Can You Make Money Fast with Networking Schemes?

You’ve probably heard of networking schemes one way or another. You’ve probably heard more than one person shout “power!” at the top of their lungs. Or maybe you’ve been recruited yourself by a friend or acquaintance. Networking is growing. More and more people are getting into the scheme. Promises of a dream house and a fancy car are too hard to ignore. But do networking schemes work? Can you make money fast with networking programs?

Before we go into that, let us first understand what Networking is.

What is Networking

Networking is a program designed to generate money which focuses on recruiting members who have two obligations:

  • To invest cash to the program
  • To recruit more paying members

If a member is able to recruit somebody, he or she will receive a commission. So, more recruits, more money.

It all boils down to trying to recruit people so that you’ll have more commissions in hopes that your recruits will also be able to get recruits of their own because you will also receive another small commission from their recruits. If you have a bazillion recruits, you’ll be able to live happily ever after. But not so fast though. It isn’t that easy. Not all networking programs are legal. There are also illegal networking schemes which you should avoid altogether.

Legal Networking vs Illegal Networking

It’s easy to spot a legal networking program from an illegal one. Here’s how:

Legal Networking Program Illegal Networking Program
  • Has a tangible product
  • Has a legit, clean looking speaker
  • Business location is accessible
  • Income comes from product sales
  • Complete business permits
  • No product at all
  • Has a sleazy looking speaker
  • No permanent business location
  • Income comes from cash of recruits
  • No/Fake business permit

Stay clear of the illegal networking schemes. There is a high chance that you will not get a return from your hard earned money.

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Can You Make Money Fast with Networking? Hmm. It depends. There are a lot of hurdles that you could face when you’re going to enter into a networking program. Here are certain red flags that you’ll need to consider before you enter into such program.

Red Flag #1: It’s too good to be true.

There are a lot of legal networking programs that have great motivational speakers. You’ll be sweet talked by promises of riches and fortune and hot girls in just a short span of time. And the speaker will say that he was able to do it and so can you. Now, I’m not saying that it’s not possible. All I’m saying is that it’s not as easy as it seems. There are people who got rich because of Networking programs, but most people are merely members earning measly amount of commissions.

Red Flag #2: Initial Cash Outlay

In every networking program, you’ll have to a set amount of cash. It may be as low as $10 or as high as $500. It depends on the product that the Networking company is selling/promoting. This means that if you don’t have cash to spare, then this method definitely is not for you.

Red Flag #3: Communication skills.

Before you give cash to the networking company of your choice, you’ll have to be pretty good at one thing – communication. Yep. You’ll need to bring your a game in the communication skills department in order to recruit lots of people as your downline. You’ll have to eliminate your shyness and be more like a salesman. If you think you cannot recruit somebody, you’re better off NOT joining the networking program.

Red Flag #4: The product being sold.

Legit networking companies should have actual products to be sold. Take note of the product and study it well. Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Is there a market for the product?
  • Will you be able to sell it easily to your workmates or on social media?
  • Is the product to be sold affordable?

If the answer is NO to all three questions above, don’t invest your time and money to the company. You won’t be able to make money with this piece of trash.

Red Flag #5: Proof of Payment

Are there a lot of members who are making money through the system? What is the mode of payment? If there are only a few who are making money through this certain networking scheme, you better think twice. Power!

Verdict: Can You Make Money Fast With Networking Schemes?

You can, in fact, make money by investing in networking schemes. But can you make money fast with it? Well, it depends on your charisma and your ability to sweet talk other people into:

  1. Purchasing a product you are selling; and
  2. Joining the networking program you are currently affiliated with.

Networking schemes require a lot time and effort. Can you make money with networking schemes? The answer is YES! Can you make money fast with Networking schemes? NO! POWER!

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