make money earn paypal cash

Can You Make Money Fast by Clicking on an Egg? (Earn PayPal Cash Scam)

As I was lurking around the Play Store looking for some apps to make money fast, I came across an app that claims to reward you with up to $100 PayPal cash just by clicking on an egg. Yes, that’s not a typo. It says egg! You just click on an egg in order to get rewarded. It was too good to be true, I needed to try it out. Is the app legit? You’ll have to scroll down to find out.

What I Used for this Experiment

The app that I used isĀ Make Money – Earn PayPal Cash. I tested the app for a bit to see what it offered, what the interface looked like and to get some screenshots that I could share with you and in order to determine if it is legit or not. Here are my salient findings.

When you open the app, you’ll be greeted with this, err, highly motivating screen:

make money earn paypal cash
make money earn paypal cash

Red Flag #1: It says that you’ll make money with clicks. This word has already been used many times in the past. And most of those programs that used this tagline have failed and have been flushed down the drain.

When you click on the start button, you’re greeted automatically with a popup ad. It’s obvious that the app would mainly make money from the ads shown to the user of the app. There’s also an ad at the bottom of the screen that just won’t go away. You can’t close this ad unless you close the app.

You’ll then be presented with this screen:

That is an egg. That’s the egg that you’ll have to break in order to get some PayPal cash. You’ll have to crack the egg in order to get the reward. And how do you crack it? Simply by clicking on it!

Red Flag #2: You’ll have to click a million times. You see the number at the top of the screen? That’s the number of clicks that I still need in order to break the egg and claim my PayPal cash. Who in their right mind would be game to click a million times on an app?

Red Flag #3: The app is misleading as it says that you will get $100. But in reality, the reward is shuffled. You may get anything between $0 to $100. If you have cracked the egg after what seems like forever, your price is not yet guaranteed. Imagine getting $1 for all the effort that you put in.

Red Flag #4: No Payment Proof. I still have yet to find a payment proof to be posted online. Since nobody has posted any proof of payment, it means that people haven’t really cracked the egg because you’ll be putting a lot of effort to get a very small reward. Only the developers are making money from this app. No user has made any money from it, nor enjoyed using it.

Red Flag #5: The app is full of paid and fake reviews. Take a look at this screenshot:

make money earn paypal cash
make money earn paypal cash

Red Flag #6: A person claims to have cracked the egg but didn’t get any reward.

make money earn paypal cash


Avoid this app at all costs. It is just a wast of space on your mobile device. It is just a waste of your internet data. It is a waste of your time and effort if ever you go and try to break the egg by clicking on it a million times.

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